Polish Club: Alright Already

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Polish Club: Alright Already

I’m ashamed to admit, but the blistering, ball-busting rock and roll that Polish Club create actually required me to turn down my headphones. It’s insane to think all this sound (and trust me, it’s rock AF) is created by two people? Those two people being Novak (vocals, guitar) and John-Henry (drums).

Most songs on the record are short and sweet, an audiol assault to the ears before flicking to the next example of just how rock and roll this duo can get. Highlight on the release is Come Party, seriously those drums are on point. Hidden in amongst the heavy-hitting drums and garage-rock-esque sound is a smooth motown vibe, with Novak’s vocals offering a honey smooth break from the full on nature of the instrumentals. It’s a unique voice and one that’s perfectly suited to the brand of music the duo are creating. Look out for If It Was Me, Beeping and Divided on first listen, and don’t do what I did, listen to this LOUD.

Double Double/Island Records
Reviewed by Alexander Lightfoot
4 stars