Ali Barter: A Suitable Girl

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Ali Barter: A Suitable Girl

Ali Barter said of this release that it was stripped back – leaving only the necessary elements to make her voice, lyrics and guitar shine through. And that’s exactly what the album has achieved. Produced by Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy), the release is as close as you can get in a recorded product to how music of this variety should be heard.

Kicking off with Cigarettes and featuring the lyrics “close your eyes boy it’s a fantasy, ’cause I’m not the girl you wanted me to be” it sets off the kind of content and themes explored in the release. The album echoes of owning the thoughts we all have as women or when we simply don’t fit into where society wants us to. Vocally there’s no hiding, and Tokyo offers her finest example of that; it’s emotional, honey-toned and with a beautiful crescendo in the track. The Captain with its perfectly balanced vocals and guitar, Cigarettes for its lyrical content and for its honesty Please Stay, are all highlights on the release. But it’s an album that’s best experienced in full.

Reviewed by Amanda Sherring
4.5 stars