Plastic bags have been banned in Victoria

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Plastic bags have been banned in Victoria

Single-use, lightweight plastic bags have been given the boot across Victoria in a new move from the Andrews government.

Similar bans have already been implemented in other states, coming in the wake of long-term lobbying from environmental groups.

This means you’ll need to dig out those old green bags that’ve been lingering in your car boot, or maybe go get some fancy tote bag with an independent record label emblazoned upon it. That way, you can show the world how much you care about the planet, while also appearing in tune to what is ~ c o o l ~. It’s a surefire way to communicate to the world what a caring and cultured person you are.

But that’s neither here nor there. What matters is that (most) plastic bags are out. They’re done for. Kaput. While there’ll still be so-called ‘heavier’ plastic bags around for a while, those disposable fuckers that go into landfill and decimate Victorian marine life are out of here.

Single-use bags will be phased out from early next year. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Written by James Di Fabrizio, via Beat Mag.