Planet of the 8s: Self-Titled and Independent

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Planet of the 8s: Self-Titled and Independent

Planet of the 8s self-titled debut album is a hard, desert rocking delight. The album has a vast arrangement of sounds; from proper heavy and Californian desert rock to a more psychedelic and emotionally extracting sound.

The band combine to create a sound that is kaleidoscopic, taking on varying forms and influences over each moment – and somehow combining all these sounds into a cohesive album.

This album builds a sound much bigger then seems possible with just the three members, and a listening experience that draws audiences into the music – whether it be through the ever-present dynamic rhythm or the affluent guitars.

There are significant guitar solos that highlight the talent of the band. These solos combine with the vocals and rhythm to create a sound that pays homage to the bands rock inspirations, both modern and classical, and yet Planet of the 8s create a unique sound that stands out from much of the today’s prevailing rock music.

This is an album that is absolute. It is created by people who know what they are doing and the sound they want to represent them, and there is a genuineness to this band that shines through their sound.


Reviewed by Perri Digby