Pistol Pete’s Food n Blues

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Pistol Pete’s Food n Blues

International Blues Music Day has come and gone (August 2), yet there is no need to fret that you’ve missed out on the celebrations because at Pistol Pete’s Food n’ Blues, Blues Music Day stretches out for a whole month. Since opening in March, Pistol Pete’s has become a cult music venue in the Geelong music community. From the tantalising food of the Deep South comprising burgers, gumbo, cornbread and southern-fried chicken to name but just a few of the delicious dishes, if you haven’t experienced it yet there is no better chance than now. Hosting some of the country’s finest blues acts in Geoff Achison and Chris Wilson as well as many others, this is a tremendous celebration and well worth checking out.
Always a lover of blues music, it was in fact a local blues artist and a seminal Australian blues classic that ignited the love: 1992’s Short Cool Ones by Chris Wilson and Diesel. “That record is what initially got me into blues music – extensive play at home and in the car to the extent that four or five tracks are scratched. It’s just an honest album and both Chris and Diesel’s performances on each of the songs are great. The raw power and energy makes it the best Australian blues album. From there (as you do with blues music) I delved backwards and discovered people that I knew of briefly, but didn’t know the music. Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, all these great players and music is there to discover. “
The idea for a month celebration of blues music was a natural progression from the August bookings already in place at the venue. “Most of the acts were already booked for the month, but when the suggestion came through to do a month of gigs we ran with it. Rather than just another week at Pistol Pete’s, we have turned it into a month festival that will no doubt develop into the future. The main goal of August is to inform people of what’s down here and giving them time to plan it in their calendars.”
If you have taken a look at the local blues scene around Geelong, you will have noticed that with Pistol Pete’s opening up there has been a reignition and interest in blues music in Geelong. Apart from The Blues Train and the Sleepy Hollow Blues Club, there are no other outlets really around – until now. Having only been in operation for a few months, the signs are good for the future of local blues and Pistol Pete’s.
“There are things that businesses always have come up against and that’s mainly weather and football. Overall though, it’s been great and there are still people discovering what we are doing. Everybody is leaving happy with what they are getting food and music-wise, so it will be interesting to see where it develops to next.”
Having travelled to the US two times before, the food and music culture was an overall inspiration to the restaurant. With a new menu starting in the next week to cater for vegetarian and snack options, as well as some speciality dishes starting up as we come into summer, there isn’t a better time to experience the deep south of Lt. Malop Street than right now.
Info: Pistol Pete’s Blues Month – live music every night through August (open Tuesday – Saturday). 93a Lt Malop St, Geelong
Written by Tex Miller