Exit Stage Left

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Exit Stage Left

God-damn these young, talented bands like The Exit Crowd. They get up on stage, with their youthful charm, energy and charisma, and then they go about playing sweet tunes. It’s sickening. No wait, it’s impressive. For those unfamiliar with this Castlemaine band, their journey started back in 2010. Things were a little different back then, with members jamming post-grunge tunes. However, it was their school music class that brought out a more reggae and funk sound. A slight reshuffle of the band came in 2011 before they set out to play whenever and wherever they could. The band has a hometown gig this weekend where they will be joined by The Astros and Howl. Fellow Castlemaine outfit The Astros is a garage rock outfit formed in 2012. The Bridge, Castlemaine – August 9.