Piano Bar Geelong is hosting the ultimate Drag Competition this year

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Piano Bar Geelong is hosting the ultimate Drag Competition this year

Words by Staff Writer

Calling all aspiring drag stars.

Geelong’s very own Piano Bar is about to turn up the heat with a sensational drag competition that comes with a twist that’s got everyone talking – no professional drag artists allowed.  If you’re a budding baby queen or king, or somewhere in between, and you’ve been itching to grace the spotlight, then clear your calendar because this is your moment to shine!

With the spotlight firmly fixed on new talent, Piano Bar’s drag competition promises to ignite the stage with fresh energy and electrifying performances. The competition, hosted and judged by none other than the resident drag diva herself, Rubi Taboo, will unfold through a series of electrifying heats. Each round will feature special guest judges, ensuring a night of unforgettable performances and surprises.

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And let’s not forget the grand prizes that are up for grabs! The winners of this dazzling competition are in for a treat that’ll kickstart their drag careers like never before. The triumphant participants will bask in the glory of personal drag mentoring with the fabulous Rubi, walk away with a whopping $500 in cold hard cash, and secure a prime spot to perform at an upcoming bingo event. Yes, you read that right – your very first paid gig!

Getting in on the action is easier than perfecting that signature strut. Aspiring drag stars are encouraged to submit their applications, which should include a selection of photos, videos, or links that best showcase their dazzling personas and talents. This crucial step will help the judges curate the heats and allocate the performers accordingly. Send your submission along with a brief description of the performance you’re itching to deliver to [email protected], and don’t forget to make ‘training heels’ your email’s subject line. The application deadline is set for the stroke of midnight on September 7th, so start perfecting those moves!

But wait, there are a few ground rules to keep the competition fierce yet fabulous:

  • Age Isn’t Just a Number: If you’re under 16 and planning to strut your stuff, make sure you’re accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • All in the Family: Minors are more than welcome as long as they’re accompanied by a responsible adult – so the whole crew can join in on the fun!
  • Safety First: Performance choices should prioritise the safety of both the artist and the audience. The type of act you choose will have a bearing on whether it’s stage-worthy.
  • Tidy Performance: Props are welcome, but the rule is simple: if you can’t tidy it up, you can’t use it. Leave the stage as sparkling as you found it.
  • Love, Not Hate: Hate speech is a strict no-no. The focus is on celebrating talent and diversity.
  • Voices of Freedom: The thoughts and opinions expressed by performers and staff don’t necessarily align with those of Piano Bar Geelong or its associates.

So whether you’re ready to unleash your inner drag superstar or simply can’t resist the allure of a dazzling show, mark your calendars for this spectacular event that’s set to redefine drag in Geelong. The spotlight is waiting, and the stage is yours to conquer!

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