Pat Tierney: Red Moon

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Pat Tierney: Red Moon

The sophomore album by NSW singer-songwriter Pat Tierney, Red Moon eases its way into the consciousness in understated fashion.

‘The Midnight Bloom’ provides an undemanding yet inviting opening to the collection of soulful folk compositions. Easy-on-the-ear vocals tie it all together between the light and shade of subjects visited.

While influences are detectable (Bob Dylan, Ben Harper, Xavier Rudd), Tierney has a voice of his own – in both words and melodies. ‘Tomorrow Is A Long Time’ (with a Paul Simon feel) considers the rocky road of love: “If today is not an endless highway if tonight is not a crooked trail… lonesome would mean nothin’ to you at all.” The melancholy voice of Tierney’s Weissenborn guitar accompanies many a lyrical turn of phrase.

On single ‘Angels’, the lap slide gently weeps in observance of mortality. It later heralds a hopeful dawn on instrumental ‘The Light of Day’. The title track leaves us with rich rootsy layers of swagger and stomp.

Recording at Queensland’s Yama-Nui Studio, producer Pauli B (The Beautiful Girls, George, Bobby Alu) balances the ethereal with the earthy and honours the spaces between.

Reviewed by Chris Lambie