Split Feed: Second Skin

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Split Feed: Second Skin

Newcastle has never been short of young musical flair, but they just keep producing more.
The latest up-and-comers to hit the Newcastle scene are a four-piece alt-rock band called Split Feed, who have just released their new sophomore EP Second Skin.

The standout track is ‘Dwell’. The opening line from the track begins with “Said a little too much”, which I find a little ironic as I honestly can’t stop talking about how much I like this song.

From the resounding, guttural bass that forced my head to bob along, to the bright, contrasting vocals, to the anthemic, memorable lyrics, all the elements mingle together to create an overall enchanting tune.

The four band members – Joe Willis, Will St Claire, Brad Mclean, and Adam Lindsay – met in high school and instantly found comradery through their shared love of music. They have spent the last few years refining their music into their own individual style.

Already having had local success with booked at shows in their hometown, as well performing in both capital cities and regional areas – and even captivating audiences at Groovin The Moo – this group is definitely one to keep your eyes on.

Split Feed
Reviewed by Adrian Aloi