Palace of the King: Valles Marineris

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Palace of the King: Valles Marineris

Melbourne rock band Palace of The King have just released their second album Valles Marineris. The 10-track album was released July 14 in Europe/UK and July 29 here in Aus. The album begins with ‘Let The Blood Run Free,’ followed by ‘Beyond The Valley,’ which was released as a single alongside a visual YouTube clip. Following is ‘Black Cloud’, a track which features powerful vocals from Jimmy Barnes’ daughter, Mahalia. The chorus comes across as a kind of chant in which you can’t help but sing along to – ‘you’re a black cloud baby.’

Another track of similar nature in that sense is ‘We Are The Vampires’. The song is fast-paced, its lyrics are dark and it has quite a theatrical feel to it, particularly during the chorus, which repeats the title lyric.

The closing song ‘Into The Black’ with its psychedelic vibe, works well as the album comes to an end. Although influenced by classic rock, the band is contemporary in its song writing, and elements of various genres creep through their music including blues and soul. As a whole, the album evokes feelings of power, strength and rebellion, and can easily be listened to multiple times.

Reviewed by Tayla Haigh