Motioner: Black Wave

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Motioner: Black Wave

There’s a simple serenity that seems to wash over the debut release from Motioner. Things are slower, softer, with each element well-thought out to achieve seeming effortlessness. ‘Funeral’ is a little bit clunkier than the opener ‘Dreamer’ and takes a few seconds to find its footing. It’s somewhat disjointed with slower vocals and a fast-paced beat, but that’s the songs charm. It messes with what you think should be paired together.

‘Desire Dies’ is a highlight of the release. It’s layered with synth, haunting vocals and the unsettling addition of the keys. About three quarters into the song the guitar comes to the forefront and the track changes pace.

Overall the release is varied, layered all while exhibiting a seamless ability to achieve what he does. The beats are a bit off-kilter, so for those of you who don’t like the unknown and unexplored, perhaps this release it better left on the shelf. This is an exciting release from Motioner as this release sets him up for multiple different directions into the industry.

Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh