Oxjam: The Fairly Educated Conference

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Oxjam: The Fairly Educated Conference

After two highly successful Oxjam events in Geelong, Oxfam Australia have given the green light for a third. Volunteer students from Deakin University’s Geelong campuses who form the social ethical rights club Fair Trade Vision will orchestrate for the third time the fundraising live music event in conjunction with their national leadership building event; the Fairly Educated Conference.

The line-up boasts quality local-based talent that includes Imogen Brough, Jeffrey Jordan & Rose Avenue, The Larson Effect and, recently returning from their accolade grabbing overseas adventures, The Run. Oxjam will be held at the Deakin Waterfront campus with performances kicking off at 6:30PMon Friday 15thof July. Tickets will be available at the door for only $10, come treat your ears and make a positive change in the world!

When & Where: Deakin University, Waterfront Geelong Campus – July 15