Dope Lemon: Honey Bones

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Dope Lemon: Honey Bones

The cover depicts it pretty well, as does the description alongside the link to Angus Stone’s newest project: “Honey Bones became the ultimate reflection of Angus’ existence, a world where reality and fantasy, creativity and practicality flow together unobstructed, to form things in reach but yet that feel like a dream.”

While it’s a description that seems to fit most of Stone’s releases, this album fine tunes everything he’s done in the past to reach the epitome of what it means to blend fantasy and reality. ‘Fuck Things Up’ weaves slowly through your subconscious, with gentle guitar strums and a steady beat, it blends the fantasy of floating through the clouds into a musical reality. ‘How Many Times’ steps back into the realm of ‘80s rock, with electric guitar underpinning the song and bundled up with psych-tinged vocals. It’s a sound we’re probably less familiar with from the musician, but stands as a favourite nonetheless.

Pay particular attention to personal favourite, ‘Stonecutters’, when it rolls around. There’s psych, tribal, folk and rock all wrapped up into one bundle of daydream-igniting bliss.

EMI Music Australia
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring