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Forte Magazine sat down with Personal Trainer, Luke McDonald, who has worked with clients for his own business, Optimal Health and Fitness, for over four years now. Located in Torquay Rd, Geelong, the trainer has found his passion offering one-on-one and group sessions, ensuring his clients see amazing results, feel fitter and feel happier quickly.

What makes you so passionate about personal training?

I started PT in 2013 and I always had a personal passion for health and fitness. In the years prior, I had been getting my friends fitter and healthier, so I opened up the studio and everyday I get to help amazing people feel better about themselves and show them they’re capable of things they thought they were not. Changing someone’s life in a positive way is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life and to make a career out doing that is a dream come true.

What makes your business, Optimal Health and Fitness, so successful? Especially with the internet where fitness tips are at everyone’s fingertips?

We live in a world today where everybody wants fast results, whether it be shaping up for a European Summer holiday, wedding, or just to feel better about ourselves and enjoy better health. So the expectations for results are higher than they have ever been and people want the best service possible for the most affordable price possible and I think they deserve that.

Lots of crash diet programs and supplements are marketed to us, promising ‘fast results,’ and few of these do what they claim to and if they do, they almost always have a rebound effect where the weight comes back and then the health goes down as a result.

For Optimal Health and Fitness, the success is in the proven results, with multiple clients losing up to 20kg’s in just 12 weeks of training and making sustainable lifestyle changes. The best part is that with us they pay much less, their results last, their self-confidence goes up and they’re genuinely happier. It’s awesome to be a positive part of peoples lifestyle changes.

What sets your business apart from others?

Highly personalised services make us different. To continuously achieve results, you must tailor programs to each individual based upon their goals, current fitness levels, prior injuries, technique and mental strength. A one-size-fits-all program severely limits you and your clientele.

It takes time to get to know your clients and how you must establish their training programs to get them the most of their training, and if you are observant and engaged this happens a lot faster. After four weeks, we have never measured a client who did not lose body fat across their entire body.

Even though your programs are tailored, can you give us a general run down of what a training session with Optimal Health and Fitness is like?

Each workout is different, and any one of our clients will tell you that. It helps keep everyone motivated by experiencing new things each time they step into the studio, and it also shocks their body for better results. However, each session focuses on principles which our clients are taught from the very beginning and reminded each session, and these are core and glute activation and inhale/exhale.

Our reasoning is simple, by activating our core and glute muscles and inhaling/exhaling correctly we get so much more out of the training.

How can people find out more information about you or book in their first session to start their journey with you?
They should jump on facebook and “LIKE” www.facebook.com/optimalhealthfitnessluke to see what we have done and what we are doing! From there they can private message to book in
for a consultation, email [email protected] or phone 0434 048 872.