Sun God Replica: Lindsay McLennan and his best album yet

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Sun God Replica: Lindsay McLennan and his best album yet

Throughout his career, Lindsay (Link) McLennan has done it all; from being the leader of iconic Melbourne punk band The Meanies, playing shows on the same stage as the likes of Pearl Jam and Bad Brains, and constantly solidifying his unique stance on many different bands over the years, most commonly in the rock heavy outfit Sun God Replica.

Recently dropping their third LP Grandular Fever to critical acclaim, Link is ecstatic with the finished result.

“We felt pretty confident that it would be received well. I think it’s easily the best album I have ever done out of all of the bands and albums that I have released over the years. I have spent so much time, well more time structuring than I did on the previous Sun God albums and a lot more time on the production side of things than I did on any of my releases,” he says.

But in a sense of comparing this release to his previous back catalogue, does Link regret any of the punk lyrics he has crafted over the years?

“Of course. There are definitely certain lyrics you wrote at 18-19, and that’s not to say that every musician at that age doesn’t write better lyrics than I did because obviously some do. But I still think although they may be commonly written, the essence of something is there, it still means something but it may not be delivered in the right manner. You definitely get more subtle and a larger vocabulary the older you get. But there are some songs that musically and lyrically I wouldn’t mind removing from records.

“I mean some of the early 2000’s Meanies recordings were intense. I don’t even think some of those songs were suitable. Looking back now, I kind of don’t know what I was thinking,” he laughs.

Grandular Fever came to fruition after a successful crowd funding campaign, allowing fans to contribute towards funding the album.

In Links perspective: “That’s the beauty of it [crowd funding]. It’s not charity because they are getting a product, but at the same time they are helping you out massively. It’s very appreciated from our end.”

In the reception of Grandular Fever, Sun God Replica will be hitting the road to play a handful of shows, including The Eastern, an esteemed live music venue in Ballarat. According to Link the band is very excited for the show due to their pre-established love for the venue.

“I love the Eastern, I have played there a few times and I always have a ball there. The staff are beautiful, the stage is great – it’s just a really good vibe. A low stage in a dark dingy lit room, it’s all the things I like in a venue.”

Written by Alex Callan

When & Where: Grandular Fever Album Launch @ The Eastern, Ballarat – December 3