One for your Friday Arvo

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One for your Friday Arvo

Ah the mindfuck. An idea or concept that shakes one’s previously held beliefs or assumptions about the nature of reality.
It’s an evil game, but with the bad, comes the good and we now present you with this newy ‘Mindfvck’ from Moroccan-born pop muse, Ghita.
Following on from her viral smash ‘HateULoveU’ and ‘How Low’ in 2016, Ghita returned to blaze her way through the tastemaker blogs with her newest release ‘Mindfvck’ last month – with the likes of C-Heads, Hilly Dilly and Indie Shuffle all jumping onto an artist they labelled as one of the most exciting pop voices of the year.
‘Mindfvck’ showcased the Casablanca native’s ability to bend the current pop landscape to her bouncy, seductive edge. With the new visuals pointing a finger to Ghita’s messy, party-minded character, the new visuals from this effervescent young talent is set to travel even further.
Co-written with Jesse St John (Charli XCX), Francci and Peter Hanna (The Chainsmokers), the level of talent jumping in with Ghita even at this stage underlines the young artist’s star-in-the-making reputation.
Speaking on the track, Ghita states: “It’s about waking up in the morning and feeling completely different about a person, an idea or a thought you had the night before and not understanding where the sudden change is coming from.”