Off Ya Tree are offering $5 piercings

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Off Ya Tree are offering $5 piercings

If you’re a piercing fanatic (of any kind… no kidding!) or maybe contemplating getting your first, you’d be mad to go past the incredible deal the edgy team at Off Ya Tree are offering.
Piercings are the perfect way to personalize your outfit or style and define who you are and in this day and age, there are no limits to where or what you can accessorise.
The crew at Off Ya Tree know this better than anyone and pride themselves to stand out as one of the forerunners on the alternative lifestyle and body modification industry.
Sales begin on May 17 and will last until June 3, so get in quick and hot!
Whilst the deal is only available for ‘standard piercings’, you’d be surprised at the array of options that fall under the category. Whether it’s eyebrows, ears, bridge, nose, septum, tongue or other facial areas, the opportunity is all yours!
Check out the link to see what’s available in more depth.
Jewelry is additional pricing, starting from $15 and aftercare is additional, starting at $10 however this doesn’t change the fact that Off Ya Tree is offering the best deal around.
If you’re feeling even braver, Off Ya Tree is still offering more advanced piercings such as Dermal, Surface and industrial piercings, however they remain at a slightly increased price.
A trained piercer is in store at all times so to get your very own, all you need to do is make a call in advance to make sure the piercer has an available slot, and then walk right on in.
Located in store, a hospital-grade piercing room awaits in a radical, yet totally professional and hygienic manner. Off Ya Tree pierce only with needles(don’t let this scare you away). Needles are the safest and most hygienic manner of piercing and reduce risks of infection that are oh so prone to occur when using a gun.
So who can get a piercing you ask? Well, you need to be 16 and over for standard piercings and if you desire genital piercings, you must be over 18 years of age.
Anyone under the age of 16 must need parental consent ahead of the piercing.
Alongside the piercing side of things, Off Ya Tree offers an array of wicked clothing, swimwear, bags, home wares, beauty products and even hair colour.
The fun doesn’t end there, jump of their site to check out a land of wonderful strange smoking paraphernalia that’s sure to make you the envy of all your friends this weekend.
So don’t miss out on this epic deal! (It’ll come back to haunt you months on when you’re sitting in the chair waiting for you’re $60 septum).
Positioned right in the city center at 89A Ryrie Street, Off Ya Tree may just be the perfect way to create some excitement in your lunch break without breaking the bank.
Written by Aine Keogh