MDRN LOVE are bringing their EP home for one last gig

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MDRN LOVE are bringing their EP home for one last gig

2017 was a massive year for Geelong rock outfit MDRN LOVE. After successfully regrouping, renaming, touring and dropping a debut single within a year, MDRN LOVE rounded off the year with the release of their self-titled debut EP.
Formerly known by the name of Revolution, MDRN LOVE have wowed fans and established themselves as a band capable of breadth and versatility with the release, boasting punchy guitar driven rhythms, emotionally driven songwriting and hints of new-age synth.
“It’s the first EP we’ve released as MDRN LOVE, so in the lead up to release day it was a bit nerve racking anticipating how people would react,” rhythm guitarist Riley Harman admits. “Thankfully, we’ve received lots of really positive feedback which has inspired us to want to jump back in to the studio and get our next EP out as soon as possible.
“With digital sales and streaming services, it’s allowed us to reach listeners we’d never thought possible,” he continues. “Our music has been sold and streamed in over 70 countries and our debut single ‘Bring Me Down’ even made into the top #30 on the iTunes charts in Romania!”
With the previous year filled with many impressive accomplishments and highlights, MDRN LOVE continued their momentum with a myriad of shows over the last few months celebrating the EP, including a slot alongside fellow Geelong band Residual and Melbourne’s mesmerising Didirri.
Now Harman, alongside his bandmates Jack Harman (vocals), Nic Tutone (lead guitar), Daniel Siketa (bass) and Dom Alvaro (drums), are wrapping up their debut EP tour with a homecoming show at the Workers Club.
This will be the last show from the Geelong boys for the next few months as they prepare to jump back into the studio to record their follow up EP, which Harman says will stand as a huge step forward for the young band and see them take on new approaches and exciting challenges.
“Our sound has matured since the last lot of recordings. This time we’re confident of tracking live which will hopefully bring a whole new dimension to our music,” he continues. “We’ve had the chance to road test a heap of new tracks on the tour and gauge what songs we think will make the cut for the next EP. We’re anticipating EP #2 will be a huge step forward for us and we’re really looking forward to getting it to our fans and followers as soon as it’s done.”
To farewell the guys as they venture back into the studio, they will be joined by Restless Natives and Mistaken for Strangers, alongside DJ sets from local legend Cal Robertson, Good Brother and Coco Du Ma. So get on down, bring your friends and help MDRN LOVE celebrate the end of what’s been a fantastic tour.
When & Where: The Workers Club, Geelong – June 2.
Written by Talia Rinaldo