Nun: The Dome

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Nun: The Dome

Melbourne’s synth-punk front-runners Nun have dropped their long awaited sophomore release, ‘The Dome,’ and it is an eclectic and atmospheric experience that will make you want to eat acid and go roller-blading.

Capturing an incredibly cinematic sound, the ten tracks immerse you into the realms of dark-wave in a melancholic yet mesmerising fashion that would be perfectly suited alongside film scores such as Drive and Blade Runner.

‘Wake In Freight’, the albums opener, kicks off with intricate synths and drum patterns reminiscent of Joy Division’s ‘Atmosphere,’ with Jenny Branagan’s vocals omitting an ominous vibe. ‘Pick Up The Phone’ delivers deep grooves and whacked out extra-terrestrial effects- a very psychedelic infused dance track.

‘Fairhaven’ is ruled by heavy synth and shoegaze-esque vocals whilst ‘Turning Out’ highlights more of an 80’s pop vibe. The album’s closer ‘Debris’ is drawn out to seven minutes and shows just how full and impressive Nun’s sound is.

Whilst ‘The Dome’ may be a slight bit too avant-garde for commercial recognition at this point, I can see picking up a lot of steam in the Melbourne bohemian crowds, and truthfully, as it bloody should. It’s an incredibly impressive album that deserves attention.

Whether your style is punk, pop or electronic-make sure you check this one out.

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Reviewed by Alex Callan