The Swamp Stompers: Shadows on the Wall

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The Swamp Stompers: Shadows on the Wall

Bring your listening ears, The Swamp Stompers have returned with their new ear melting album – Shadows on the Wall, full to the brim of pure blues roots and rock. Five(six) tracks of blues thunder will sure be having you support The Swamp Stompers as they pursue a standing in the modern era of rock and blues.

Starting off the album, ‘Wishing I Had You’ immediately showcase the deep groove, the slick riffs and the high-octane drive that The Swamp Stompers possess. A catchy tune that you may find stuck playing back in your head, memorable and impactful.

As we move on to the self-titled track ‘Shadows on the Wall’, we are greeted with slower paced more mellowed out tunes. Once again in the album the work of Corey Legge’s lead guitar is something to behold, sexy catchy and slick bundled into one, an absolute treat for the ears.

Continuing through the album, The Swamp Stompers manage to maintain variety throughout, such as ‘Wave’, a slow paced but vastly poignant song standing on the edge of darkness, to ‘Hey’, a powerful rock/blues track that will get you moving and ready for what may be to come.

Shadows on the Wall is an album taking a chance while still staying true to the soul of blue and roots and rock, it succeeds in its production and in its relevance to the world of blues and roots.

Rhythm Section
Reviewed by Alex Lynch