Nick Wales & Sarah Blasko: EMERGENCE

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Nick Wales & Sarah Blasko: EMERGENCE

There’s an instant darkness that envelops you as ‘Killer’ begins. The song is layered with synth beats rolling over each other and it isn’t until about two minutes into this track when Sarah Blasko’s haunting vocals come in. The two minute mark is the same moment you realise this is possibly one of the best collaborations ever.
Sarah Blasko is known as a talented singer-songwriter internationally but Nick Wales is a name that many of you will be less aware of. He is actually a Sydney-based composer who works with the Sydney Dance Company.
Emergence gives a brilliant taste of experimental pop music, delivered with the lush and familiar vocals of Sarah Blasko. While it mightn’t be a similar sound for the vocalist – completely out of her genre would be putting it modestly – there’s something about it that just really works. It’s almost as if the tracks have been created around Blasko’s vocal range and ability.
‘Burning Moment’ is easily the highlight of the release. There seems to be an overflow of emotion in the track and the piano and Blasko’s muttering paired with her perfect reach in pitch make it a stunning track.
The album is a dark and disturbing listen and isn’t the kind of thing to be played alone in a dark room – unless you like your psyche being penetrated that is. Through the use of gentle panting, pitter-pattering and dripping water, your perspective of the possibilities of pop music will be forever altered.
Out now via Create Control
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring