They Might Be Giants: GLEAN

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They Might Be Giants: GLEAN

They Might Be Giants have been around since 1982, but there’s been talk that 2015 is the big year for the band. I can see the appeal of these guys, I really can, but I can’t say that I’m now a massive fan after listening to Glean. Their genre is classed as rock but I’m not too sure about that, as it’s not the rock I’m used to, it’s more alternative pop, laced with rock.
Though there are some really great tracks on this album, ‘Underwater Woman’ is probably the closest to rock these guys get, it’s a little grittier than the rest of the songs on the album. It’s dark and melancholy and takes you somewhere. ‘End of the Rope’ is also another one to look out for, it’s got a big band and a burlesque vibe to it which makes it broodingly raw and seductive.
Amongst this goodness there are some tracks that are, well, a little boring. ‘Good to be Alive’ didn’t really go anywhere and it was somewhat juvenile, lyrically and melodically. ‘Answer’ is another track that I don’t think will be setting the world on fire, it’s slow and not captivating – boring.
The absolute stand out track is Pt 1 of ‘Music Jail’, it’s full of drums and violins that create a beautiful gypsy rock tune, is that an accordion I can hear? Someone pass me a hula hoop, stat! The style and tune remind me of the old Melbourne gypsy band, Rapskallion. All in all, Glean is definitely worth a listen, there are some amazing tracks to be heard, but if you like your rock dirty and raw you might be a little let down.
Out now via Breakaway Recordings
Reviewed by Montana Agustin