New bao bun and cocktail bar Shortmemory has opened in Belmont

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New bao bun and cocktail bar Shortmemory has opened in Belmont

Within the blink of an eye, this hidden spot has turned into a bustling bar serving up some fine booze and bao.

If we had to make a list of the best things to come to Geelong in 2021, Chubby Bao would certainly be near the top of that list.

Opening back in September, Chubby Bao is the delightfully named, tiny outpost of bao love, housed inside a delightful permanent food truck.

Starting off slinging bao in the car park of the Magic Hand Carwash in Belmont, the trailblazers and Geelong residents Frank and Linda Han quickly earned themselves a reputation for their freaking delicious bao, soon popping up at an abundance of locations across the region to a swathe of bao-loving locals.

With the demand for their bao buns growing, Chubby Bao has now opened a cocktail bar – Shortmemory – moving from the carpark to an uber casual spot where you can tuck into shareable Asian feeds over a few delicious cocktails.

The key takeaways

  • Chubby Bao has opened a cocktail bar in Belmont
  • Shortmemory will be slinging bao buns and cocktails Thursday through to Sunday
  • You’ll find it at Belmont Square (Back of WoodHouse Cafe)

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Now taking over a secret spot known only to a few, Chubby Bao is tucked inside Belmont Square, with an oh so romantic dining garden where you can feast under festoon lighting and an abundance of greenery from Thursdays through to Sundays.

The relaxed outdoor space is enclosed with bar stools, outdoor chairs, group and intimate tables, neons, hanging polaroids, and stunning central pendant lights that have us absolutely captivated. Boujee, right?


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As cute as the space may be, it just makes the already delicious bao even better. You’ll find steamed buns with various flavours and fillings, including fried chicken, pork belly, beef brisket, Beef kofta and Furikake prawn – the choices are all intriguing and, no matter which you end up choosing, your bun will be stuffed full of quality fillings.

Vegetarians are also well serviced with two tasty bao varieties: the ‘Forest’ with mixed mushroom, water chestnut, cabbage, carrot, garlic, spring onion and peanut; and ‘Nightshade’ with eggplant, carrot and Szechuan glaze.

Just try stopping at one, we dare you.

Still hungry? You can also indulge in sides Chubby Bao’s signature fried chicken, sweet potato fries, pulled beef fries, and the morish Edamame.

You’ll also find a delicious list of fresh and vibrant cocktails to enjoy well into the evening when the craving for bao kicks in – which to be honest, is about as often as we’re breathing.

For those that have grown to love the little food truck, you’ll still find it at a bunch of locations around town so check out their social media to stay up to date.

Chubby Bao Cocktail Bar – Shortmemory – is located Belmont Square, Back of WoodHouse Café from Thursday to Sunday. To book a table at Shortmemory Cocktail Bar, call 0433445549.