Local launch the Enoteca summer series, serving up amazing local food and booze

Local launch the Enoteca summer series, serving up amazing local food and booze

Words by Ashlee Simpson

After many lockdowns, the Enoteca summer series at Local is bringing people together with local produce and booze.

After a successful pop-up event over four nights in July, Local is bringing back Enoteca; this time as a summer series. 

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Defined as a wine bar and casual eatery designed for sharing, Enoteca, brought to us by Local, brings a relaxed atmosphere and a list of local wines for people to indulge in, as well as a selection of local produce presented in an extensive set menu.

Ben Mclachlan from Local describes the tastes at Local’s Enoteca to be simple, following classic combinations and utilising seasonal ingredients from as close to home as possible, with their passion as to support small businesses and families from around the region. 

You can expect to see some classic share dishes such as manzanillo olives, oysters, and a charcuterie plate; as well as some fancy sweets such as chocolate mousse and liquorice, or goats milk and strawberries. Some larger options include a fresh fish of the day and hangar steak with oyster mushroom and cheddar. Wines are sourced from right across the region, such as a white wine blend from Babache on the Bellarine or Reed Knife Edge Shiraz from the Otways. As for the cocktails, these are banging and ever-changing. 

Compared to the July event, the Enoteca summer series will be around for longer and will operate all throughout the gorgeous summer days. With brunch offered seven days a week from 7:30 am and lunch on Sunday’s from 11 am, the summer event will allow the venue to operate far longer into the day. As the weather warms up and the evenings stay lit, Enoteca will operate on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday afternoons from 5 pm. 

Compared to the (delicious!) experience of takeaway throughout lockdowns, reopening for dine-in settings brings Local enormous joy. Mclachlan reflected on how it allows the business to reconnect with the community, giving them a space to sit in from five minutes, up to many hours.

After these challenges that the hospitality industry faced, Local describe their inspiration to ultimately come from their team and community. ‘From day one of this challenging time, we were always supported by our community. It was for this reason, we have been able to remain open every day.’ 

Enoteca is designed and available for all to enjoy, where early evenings allow young families to dine, and late nights to bring wine-and-dine lovers. 

Local is located in the heart of Geelong at 175 McKillop Street and is open 7 days a week from 7:30 am. To book your table at Local for the Enoteca summer series, head to their website