Music Slam #7

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Music Slam #7

The next instalment of the Music Man Megastore’s Music Slam is coming up next month across the Queen’s birthday weekend, and what a lucky number seven it is. Basically, you’re going to get some ninety bands across three days – now that is a whole lotta bands.

You’ll be getting performances from Sydonia, Acolyte, Katana Cartel, Cyprus, Imogen Brave, Chronolyth, Die in a Dream, Arcane Saints, Cicadastone, Ablaze, Prophetess, Nuremberg Code, The Soulenikoes, Zelorage, Sonic Moon, Transience, Short Fall, Fight the Sun, Lung, Favour the Brave, One Kingdom, Die FM, Chase the Ace, The Balls, Black Arrow, A Gazillion Angry Mexicans, Chasing Lana, Stone Djoser, Vulture Culture, Moustache Ant, Dirge, Behold the Defiant, Callous, Cold Red Mute, Psycho Green, Trash Lily, The Weight of Silence, Super Monkey Zero, The Creptter Children, Filthy Hacks, Hollywood Real Thoughts, Cheese Excursion, Sheeza Goer, At Sea’s End and Fall and Resist.

And that is just for starters. Music Slam #7 takes place at the Music Man Megastore across June 10, 11 & 12. At the time of writing the finer details were still being worked out, but take a look at when you get the chance.