Arockalypse to Hit Warrnambool

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Arockalypse to Hit Warrnambool

Remember the simpler times? I don’t, but my memory is shot. But there is a change happening. Overpopulation, global warming, changing the recipe of beloved Australian snacks.

Yes folks, Arockalypse is coming for you – and like Van Damme you have nowhere to run. One of the many Queen’s birthday bashes to be held in Forte territory, Arockalypse is held at The Loft in Warrnambool. Like Steven Seagal, the place will be under siege from June 10 through June 13.

At the time of writing line­ up details were unavailable, but more than 30 bands will take to the stage for the fifth instalment of the event. Like Chuck Norris, you will not want to be missing in action for this one.