Murran is the beautiful new hub for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creatives in Geelong

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Murran is the beautiful new hub for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creatives in Geelong

Words by Staff Writer

As Murran opens its doors, it marks a significant chapter in Geelong's cultural and business landscape, embracing diversity and inclusion in every aspect.

Geelong’s inner city has welcomed Murran, a groundbreaking innovation space tailored for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, creatives, and individuals. Opening its doors last year in mid-December, Murran stands as a cultural beacon, providing a platform for community engagement and economic empowerment.

Nestled on the Ground Floor near Pink Malop Street Carpark, Murran is more than just a physical space; it’s a vibrant hub fostering creativity and entrepreneurship. Comprising an art gallery selling and showcasing art of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander artists and creatives, retail store selling Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander owned products, cafe, co-working space with hot desking opportunities, and events area, Murran is set to redefine the landscape for Indigenous business and culture.

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Ngarrimili, the driving force behind Murran, has dedicated over two years to collaboratively design and create this First Nations Business, Arts, Hospitality, and Retail Hub on Wadawurrung Country. The project aims to offer a culturally safe space for community, economic participation, and business support in Geelong.

The opening ceremony marked a significant milestone, creating a space where Indigenous businesses and creatives can flourish. Traditional Owner Corrina Eccles blessed the space with a Welcome to Country and a smoking ceremony while the event attracted local member Christine Couzens MP, CEO Bek Lasky, and co-founder & Director Cormach Evans, with Jirra Lulla as the brilliant MC.

The term “Murran,” meaning Eucalypt Leaf in Wadawurrung language, encapsulates the spirit of this hub. Eucalypt leaves hold cultural significance as a welcome gift, used in smoking ceremonies for cleansing, healing, and fostering peace. The Eucalypt’s connection to the land and its nourishing properties align with the vision of Murran as a space for community collaboration and growth.

The branding of Murran by Gerard Black from Baiyami Art beautifully captures the essence of the space. Inspired by the parallel values between Murran (eucalyptus) and its cultural use, the artwork depicts elements of a smoking ceremony, symbolising unity, healing, and shared knowledge.

Murran enjoys the support of various individuals and organisations, including Ngarrimili, Marsha Uppill – Arranyinha, Cormach Evans – Strong Brother Strong Sister, Kirra Mee – Jumpsuit Babywear, John Laney Constructions, La Marzocco, Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions, Scentre Group, Christine Couzens, Wadawurrung Traditional Owners, Give Where You Live Foundation, Tim Birnie Design Studio, Empower Digital, and more.

Murran stands as a testament to progress, providing a nurturing environment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals. From co-working spaces to a retail store, gallery, and cafe, Murran is set to be a dynamic force, driving economic development and fostering a sense of community in Geelong.

For those interested in exploring this innovative space, Murran is located at 143-157 Malop St, Geelong. Additionally, more information can be found online at