Moondust Boutique

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Moondust Boutique

Moondust is the gift-ware store in town for everything you didn’t know you needed. Stocking a range of stationary, beauty items and accessories, there is really a bit of everything with socks, face masks and novelty pens all for purchase.

We got Steph from Moondust to highlight a few of the quirky and fun items she’s loving right now.

While my personal favourite pin is the “Go Away” in a love heart (not sure what that says about me), all of our enamel pins are quirky, cute, and a little bit different. It’s such an easy way to customise your outfit, and finding the right pin for that special someone is one of life’s truest pleasures.

Avocados are, in my eyes, Australia’s unofficial national fruit — so why not wear them on your feet? These avo socks have been one of our best-selling items, and I like to believe it’s because everyone can see a little bit of themselves in them.


I don’t care what anybody says — cats are glorious creatures that rightly deserve the internet’s unholy adulation. I’ve always loved cats, and this love has now been parlayed into an abundance of cat merch in the store. Case in point? This cat collared shirt that has, you guessed it, a cat on its collar. Perfect for injecting office-wear with just the right amount of meow.


After living in Korea for two years (teaching the world’s cutest kindergarteners), I got 100% addicted to Korean cosmetics. It got a bit out of hand, but hey, there’s worse problems to have. I grew particularly fond of the sheet face masks, which are both very convenient and incredibly effective. Put one of these bad boys on your face for 20 minutes, go to sleep, and wake up with youthful skin of the gods.


You know when you were young, it was your birthday and your parents always told you to read the card first — and it was just the worst? Well, now I’m singing a different tune, because I’m into cards in a big way. The weirder, the better! Our quirky cards elicit all sorts of giggles and snorts from customers, and they often straddle the boundaries of cheekiness and sweetness — which is what Moondust is all about!


Moondust is located at 1/124 Ryrie Street in Geelong.

Open Monday to Thursday from 11am – 5pm, Friday from 11am – 7pm & Saturday from 10am – 3pm

Check out their website at or find them on Instagram @moondustgeelong