Miss Quincy

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Miss Quincy

Having recently cuddled a Koala, Miss Quincy is quite content with how the rest of her Australian tour will proceed – naturally, koalas have that affect. Regardless, it’s set to be a series of gigs that’ll seep into your core.

Hey Miss Quincy, thanks for taking the time to chat to Forte Magazine, how’s it going?

I’m doing great. I’ve discovered one of the secrets of life… and that is chasing the eternal summer. It’s pretty cold where I come from right now, but I’m writing this from the Northern Territory where it is pretty hot to say the least.

Your music is centred heavily in bluesy rock, who are your biggest influences for your playing style? 

I feel influenced by different people for different reasons. I love huge soulful voices and listen to the great singers such as Aretha Franklin. I love guitar that is played with deep groove, tone and simplicity such as Pop Staples from The Staple Singers. I love the creativity and of-the-moment stylings of Jack White.  For me mixing old and new music is one of the ways that music stays relevant and exciting. One of my current favourite albums I’m listening to these days is Sound & Color from the Alabama Shakes.

You formed your band before your third release, Roadside Recovery, has the new group changed how you approach your song writing or performance at all? 

The Showdown was formed a few years before Roadside Recovery was released. We toured for about 2 years continuously all over the world as the songs for the album were written and road tested. It was a very organic process – we were 3 girls living the rock n’ roll life we were singing about. We’ve evolved as a band since the release of Roadside Recovery which you can hear on our brand new single about to be released. Our next album won’t only have road songs as we don’t only live on the road anymore.

You’ve mentioned that you’ve always wanted to play in a kick-ass girl band, has the Showdown achieved that ambition?

We are a band and the members happen to be girls. It also happens to be a pretty kick-ass band. So, I guess the answer to that question is yes.

You’re currently touring Australia again, how do you find the blues and rock ‘n’ roll scenes compare to Canada?

People connect with the band for many reasons. We are definitely not cornered into a blues and rock n’ roll scene. We leave space for the performance to react to the setting. Sometimes we’re the party band, sometimes we play house concerts. Sometimes it’s loud guitars and shots and sometimes we provide a dialogue through songs. We can do this because the music is rooted in songs and good songs speak to everyone.

Is there anything that you’re looking forward to do while you’re in Australia, either on stage or off stage? 

I’ve wanted to snuggle a koala since my tour in Australia last year and it didn’t happen. So, I had to book another tour so I could do that this year! We made sure it happened even before we played any shows. So, I’m good now, everything else is a bonus.

Are there any favourite stories you want to share from touring? Either from Australia or anywhere else you’ve been.

The thing I love about touring is that no two days are the same. I’m currently in the Northern Territory in Nhulunbuy and spent all day yesterday jamming with the local indigenous crew from up here. The music and the conversations were so inspiring that I’m still buzzing from it. And, the crazy thing is that I’m working. I feel pretty lucky.

What does the future hold for Miss Quincy and the Showdown?

We have a single coming out in March! And, we’ve started working on a new album.  We have a bunch of festivals in Canada during our summer, and a new music video that we just shot in LA  to be released. It’s all happening!

When & Where: Motor City Music Festival, Geelong Showgrounds – March 11, Chill Out Festival, Hepburn Springs – March 12, Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine – April 1 & Suttons House of Music, Ballarat – April 22.