UNO: One Year On

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UNO: One Year On

2015 has been a very eventful year. Australia got a new prime minister, Kanye out Kanye-ed himself by electing his run for presidency and UNO reinvented Geelong’s dance culture, solidifying its spot as one of Geelong’s hottest nightclub destinations.

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since The Geelong Hotel graciously opened their doors for the premiere dance event, but I suppose time flies when you’re having fun and with the calibre of artists being booked consistently, many fun times have been had. With artists such as Super Flu, Monkey Safari, KIM (The Presets) and Hayden James as some of the previous artists to deliver killer sets, UNO is really setting the bar for quality by not only hosting international acts but flying them in.

There are currently four guys we have to thank for the behind the scenes work that gets put in to make UNO happen; Adam Metwally, Luke Jeantou, Aaron Cashion and Max McKay, who all work hard throughout the week to make sure that punters can enjoy their weekends.
“It’s been tough, there’s been a lot of lessons learnt, mistakes made but on the other hand a lot of great things have happened, a lot of good times – it’s been a real journey,” Cashion reflects on the first year as a club.

Originating UNO from a collaboration of the end of renowned Fake Chow and the still running Sundae, Metwally recalls: “We came in at a good time, where there was a cross over basically and the opportunity was there. If we did it right we could pick up a significant crowd that no longer had a scene they were into in Geelong.”


Being held in an incredible venue which includes an inside dance floor fitting approximately 600 patrons, a relaxed outdoor area which will also provides live music and two bars, UNO perfectly utilises the facilities of The Geelong Hotel to provide the best party possible. But their most hyped event undoubtedly stems from their upcoming, UNO’s first birthday.

“The first birthday should be really fun. We are working on an upgraded sound system as well as some extra visuals and we have a stack of local artists on the line-up as well as the Adana Twins headlining – who are some of the best European DJs,” exclaims a very excited Metwally.


Luke Jeantou who was in awe of booking the Adana Twins mirrors the excitement. “The Adana Twins are without a doubt one of the biggest names in house music worldwide, selling out shows and festivals all over the world. To be able to have artists of this calibre playing in Australia is exciting, let alone in our sleepy hollow.  We’ve all been fans for years, so when we locked them down for our birthday party we were all understandably over the moon.”


However, you may want to upgrade from the standard jeans and a t-shirt, with the first birthday also being a tribal dress up party – trialling something that has never been done at UNO before. But that’s to be expected, trying new things is not unheard of from the boys.

“Originally we wanted it to be a house club, obviously from our backgrounds we are both very into house and techno. But we have had to change around the dynamics a bit, we have experimented with acoustic sets in the beer garden, and experimenting with starting out in the main room with party sets of bass and hip hop.  We are continuing to experiment with things until we find a formula that’s really going to work.,” reflects Cashion. “Within this year we have really worked out what works for us and what doesn’t, and I feel like we will really blossom in the next year and be even better!”

With the first birthday’s buzz circulating, there is unanimous excitement for what’s in store for UNO’s coming year, but the boys maintain their humility with Metwally even remarking, “On the wider front, everyone who has supported what we have been doing so far [we give] a big thank you. Hopefully we will be around for a long time coming and keep working hard.”

Highlights Reel
The UNO we know and love launched on March 7 with Flex Cop and Boog$
A double-header came with Cut Copy AND Nina Las Vegas both performing on June 7

The Aston Shuffle did what they do best on July 18

SET MO hit them up on November 7

KLP took some time out from triple j on November 28 to deliver some bangers

SUPER FLU from Germany/Monaberry came down on December 19
The club did a fire relief fundraiser on January 9 with HEY SAM
Monkey Safari, all the way from Germany, did a set on January 23


March 5: D Cup
March 12: 1st Bday/Adana Twins
March 19: Lo’99/We Are Nuts

Written by Alex Callan

When & Where: Uno Danceclub (upstairs of the Geelong Hotel), Geelong – March 12