Miss Muddy

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Miss Muddy

With everyone donning white Nike runners, leggings and sports crop tops to the supermarket, being fit in 2016 is very much the trend of the year. Though heading to the gym isn’t quite as fun as taking part in an obstacle course like Miss Muddy.

What is Miss Muddy you may ask? Aside from what the name gives away, Miss Muddy is the female only obstacle and mud festival with a 5km course for those aged 13 years and over. It’s an un-timed event, so the competitive aspect is slightly lessened and the fun increased tenfold.

The course will see you slipping, sliding and splashing your way to the finish line as you crawl under nets, jump over logs and climb up walls. The obstacles are simply there to challenge you (while still being fun for all fitness levels) and your fellow obstacle-goers and there are no penalties for those who may not feel up to a certain task – so skipping won’t see you punished in any way.

The event is all about having fun, doing something different that’s a healthier alternative to sitting at home and all while raising money for a good cause. This year’s event raises money for the McGrath Foundation with last year’s event raising around $140,000 for the chosen charity.

On completion of the obstacle course, aside from being gloriously muddy, is the part everyone looks forward to: the colour. You and all your friends will get coated in colour to make that mud nice and vibrant for any photos you take. There’ll be music playing so you can celebrate with friends and even a foam cannon to have fun and clean off in.

So leave the fancy Nikes at home, let your hair down (though we’d advise only metaphorically) and gather a group of some of your closest gal pals and get muddy!

If you’d like to get involved or find out more visit the website (http://www.missmuddy.com.au/).

Five Health Benefits of Obstacle Courses

Improve Strength and Endurance: As you challenge your body to get through each task you’ll find you may be achieving new goals with each completed obstacle. And with each one you finish, your body will be more prepared and equipped for the next one.

Increases Bone Health: 10 minutes outdoors is enough exposure to Vitamin D from the sun for your bones to benefit, as the vitamin is known for increasing bone density and strength. The high impact exercise of obstacle courses also stimulates an increase in bone mass.

Improve balance and coordination: All that climbing, clambering and trying not to fall flat on your face is your body slowly training itself and increasing your balance. Stabilising yourself – whether it’s on rocks, mud or obstacles – is a talent in itself.

Fire Up Those Endorphins: We all know endorphins are the “happy” hormone and laughing with friends as you slip around, get your clothes muddy and have fun sets your endorphines firing.

Fight Stress: With the endorphins going and your mind set on the obstacles, it’s a good pairing to help you let go a little bit. Though obviously it’s not a cure, simply something to take your mind off things.

When & Where: Ballarat Turf Club, Ballarat – February 27 & 28