Miss Gina Gelato is opening a new store, bringing authentic Italian gelato to the Bellarine 

Miss Gina Gelato is opening a new store, bringing authentic Italian gelato to the Bellarine 

Sadly the Geelong store will be closing.

Find yourself at the Geelong waterfront at any time of day in the summer, and chances are you’ll spot a couple of people walking about with that telltale white and green cup piled high with bright and creamy gelato.

Dishing up fresh and simple Italian gelato made the old-fashioned way, Miss Gina Gelato has long been the place to go when you’ve got a hankering for a scoop since opening in 2016, and now that obsession is spreading east with the local operation opening a new store on the Bellarine.

The key takeaways

  • Miss Gina Gelato is moving to the Bellarine
  • The well-loved gelateria is closing its Geelong store, and opening in Clifton Springs
  • We don’t have an exact date but word on the street is it will be open very soon

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Headed by lifelong gelato aficionados, Phil and Rita Turner, Miss Gina Gelato is known for their regularly rotating flavours with new additions added weekly, as well as one of the biggest roating selections of creamy gluten-free and vegan options in town. Some of our favourites over time include Gina’s chocolate, Nutella, after-dinner mint, wagon wheel, pavlova, vanilla bean and of course salted caramel. They’re also known for their creative endeavours, slinging custom ice cream cakes, waffle bowls, baked donut cones and hot cross cones for Easter.


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While it hasn’t been the easiest of years for local business, this renowned gelateria has continued to stay at the forefront, turning their physical store into a moving one and delivering their ice creams and gelato cakes from Thursday through to Sunday. Changing up their business model, customers have been able to order via direct message on Facebook or Instagram for home isolation celebrations while their city store has been closed for the past six months.

After what’s felt like the longest winter of all time, things are now heating up with the news that the gelato King and Queen are moving their famed dessert to the Bellarine, opening a new store in Clifton Springs.

“Just letting you all know about our grand plan for making Clifton Springs the new home for Miss Gina Gelato,” Phil posted to socials.

“All made in-store, traditional artisan gelato… we pride ourselves on making the best product you can get your lips around.”

Sadly this means the Geelong store at 58 Moorabool Street will be closing (*tears*), due to the ongoing restrictions and lockdowns that have made the city location unviable.

“We have made the conscious decision to close the shop in town. With all the constant lockdowns it has made it impossible to trade in.”

We don’t have an exact date but it’s earmarked to hopefully open in November.


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You’ll find the new Gina in Clifton Springs next to Beacon Point Kinder on Centaurus Ave.