Geelong’s local distillery Anther Spirits have unveiled its new ‘Anther Geelong Dry Gin’ – and it’s delicious

Geelong’s local distillery Anther Spirits have unveiled its new ‘Anther Geelong Dry Gin’ – and it’s delicious

Perfect for a sunny afternoon — pair it with your favourite tonic and let the botanicals do the rest.

Anther Distillery, a world-renowned award-winning gin and spirits distillery based at the  Federal Mills in North Geelong is making some of the best gin you can find right now. From their flagship gin and the bold navy strength gin, to the Cherry Gin and indulgent chocolate gin, Anther continues to produce unique flavours that you’ll fall in love with time and time again.

Now they’re adding one more notch to their star-studded belt, with their latest artistic spirit creation, Anther Geelong Dry Gin.

The key takeaways

  • Anther Distillery unveils its latest artistic spirit creation, Anther Geelong Dry Gin.
  • The latest in a line of award-winning gins and spirits 
  • You can purchase the new dry gin via the website

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Infused with bright fresh juniper and a citrus savoury spice, this 40% ABV gin is perfect for those that enjoy a rich, complex texture and bone-dry finish to their gins (especially if you’re partial to a G&T).

The beautifully audacious new spirit uses local botanicals, including Salt Bush, an Indigenous plant of the Geelong Region (so think soft, salty flavour with slightly earthy hints) with the added flair of tasty botanicals like liquorice root, Geraldton wax, nutmeg, and of course, Anther’s own special blend of juniper to round out a real distinct Geelong flavour. It’s this stunning and unique combination that give this gin a distinctive flavour that truly stands out from the pack.

Distilled in their Anther Distillery at Federal Mills, a rejuvenation of the historical site that was the forefront of industry in Victoria 100+ years ago, all Anther Spirits (Geelong Dry Gin included) are born out of curiosity and a love of handmade craft spirits, championed by Dervilla and her husband Sebastian Reaburn’s desire to experiment and collaborate. With a cumulative 45+ years in the Australian and worldwide hospitality industry between them, the Geelong distillery became a labour of love for the duo.

This twist on the classic dry gin is destined to become your new favourite gin, with high chances of becoming a pillar of Geelong’s regional bar culture.

“Anther Geelong Dry has Geelong’s past and present flowing through it,” Anther Distillery founders Dr. Dervilla McGowan said. “We’ve used botanicals like salt bush to create a unique gin representing  the bay just 300 meters down the road from our distillery. ”

Anther Distillery recommends this spirit for your next G&T, but if you’re cocktail-making—it would rock in a Gimlet, White Lady or Gin Ricky.


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The bold bottle of botanicals can be ordered online here or via the distillery at PH3 Federal Mills, 33 Mackey St North Geelong.