Miss Blanks: Diary of a Thotaholic

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Miss Blanks: Diary of a Thotaholic

Born and raised in Brisbane, Miss Blanks is a rising hip-hop sensation, releasing snappy and unapologetic rap tracks and an unrivalled stage presence. Her new EP Diary of a Thotaholic takes influence from a wealth of genres including hip-hop, soul, r’n’b, dance and rap, while her lyrics are full of smart quips and sass.
Tracks like ‘Bread’, ‘Haters’ and ‘Worldwide Pussy’ represents the hip-hop style that typifies a Miss Blanks experience with heavy bass lines, big drops and sharp lyrics. There is social commentary to be found here on youth culture and the empowerment of black women. ‘Pussy on Fire’ is a more up-tempo dance track that heightens the sexualisation of her rhymes and displays a vivid imagery that swells with every beat.
‘Worldwide Pussy’ and ‘Fantasy’ offer a lighter rhythm and blues tone, while also displaying a soulful range to Miss Blanks that is a departure from her hip-hop roots so far in her young music career. The melodic harmony and cool rhythm make the tracks, and EP altogether, an easy-listening experience that never settles on a required genre.
Miss Blanks has been hailed for her diva-centric stage presence and energy on stage, both of which are noticeable on the EP. ‘Diary of a Thotaholic’ represents a step forward for the trans-gendered community as well as the women of hip-hop in Australia in a fun and unrepentant way.
Trench Records
Reviewed by Daniel Jubb
3 Stars