Daryl Roberts & Hey Gringo" Not The Same Planet

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Daryl Roberts & Hey Gringo" Not The Same Planet

Featuring an absolute star-studded cast of musicians including Daryl Roberts, Mick Fraser, Nicky Bomba, Brian Strafford, Kerri Simpson, Eric Budd, Mike Rudd, Aaron Searle, Glyn Mason, Paul Gildea and Mick Elliot, Not The Same Planet is a journey across the blues soundscape that explores uncharted territory in the genre. An exceptional collection of some of Daryl Roberts best compositions to date, Not The Same Planet is a blend of blues roots and modern rhythmic approaches which results in a sound that is both modern with traditional blues veins running deep through it.
A dynamic blend of blues, jazz and funk, Not The Same Planet is in a league of own within the blues genre – separating itself from other blues acts with its diversity and lovingly attentive production value. The perfect album as a backdrop to any road trip you may have planned, the album features driving blues riffs and runs in tracks like ‘Don’t You Say I Can’t Have You’ and ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’.
Whilst being a welcoming departure from previous releases like I Was There, Funky Car and Three, Not The Same Planet plays it a bit too safe at times despite being the tip of the funnel in terms of writing, as every track hooks you and reminds you why Daryl Roberts and his band are masters of funk, blues and jazz.
3.5 Stars
Only Blues Music
Reviewed by Josh Dowling