Michael Stangel’s Oz Classics headline the Festival Of Sails

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Michael Stangel’s Oz Classics headline the Festival Of Sails

Michael Stangel will be adding his unique brand of tunes and vocals to what will already be a stunning day at the Festival Of Sails on Australia Day in Geelong, and will be joined by a crack bunch of musos for good measure.

Michael Stangel’s OZ Classics will feature at the Geelong Yacht Club on January 26, a festival growing in stature and a sure-fire way to enrich your Aussie Day with some great tunes and cool surroundings.

Stangel, late of The Voice as well as a host of producing and recording projects is both musically, and physically unforgettable. I recently caught up with the former Geelong local to chat about the festival and his most recent musical endeavours.

Stangel’s career hit its straps in the early 2000s when he headed overseas to foster his talent. Returning to Australia he teamed up with David Nicholas who had already worked with the likes of Elton John, The Pretenders, and INXS, and they soon became an unstoppable team.

They both wrote and produced music for Shannon Noll, The Veronicas and the Androids. It was during 2011, and a significant health scare that The Voice was calling. He eventually finished third, and was praised for his craft and attitude towards the industry and life.

“With The Voice, it really helped having a whole city behind me. I had no real expectations but really enjoyed the experience,” he says.

With his health issues behind him, Stangel began focusing more on the producing and artists representation side of the industry which keeps him busy today.

“Kids these days know exactly what they want, and are much more vocal about getting it. Producing and writing is a very collaborative effort. Not so much an emotional thing. In fact, lately I’ve been writing more and more music for myself.”

Stangel’s Geelong show will be a homage to the great Aussie pub rock we all grew up loving and miss daily, and will feature some close mates and musical icons like John Dallimore and Andrew Cromwell. It’s a show that surely can’t be missed.

In the meantime, Stangel has recently finished some music for Fat Pizza, and has been working hard with artists like Taylor Henderson, Libby Steel and Merril Bainbridge, a name from the past.
With Stangel, management is all about dealing with personalities and keeping things moving forward.

“You do have to worry about the wants and needs of people, and how much to spend, but most importantly concentrate on keeping a positive mood and vibe and being constructive but strong too.”

Michael Stangel’s Oz Classics will headline the Festival Of Sails on January 26 in Geelong.

Written by Chris Michaels