Local psych-rock sensation Beans drops third studio album ‘Boots N Cats’

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Local psych-rock sensation Beans drops third studio album ‘Boots N Cats’

Photo by: Danysha Harriott

Geelong's Beans take us on a deep-dive into their latest release with a fascinating track-by-track breakdown.

Beans, the renowned Geelong garage-psych band, has unleashed their highly anticipated third studio album, ‘Boots N Cats’, via Fuzz Club Records. The album, a follow-up to their critically acclaimed works ‘Babble’ (2018) and ‘All Together Now’ (2020), sees frontman Matt Blach taking percussion to the forefront of the music, resulting in a captivating blend of sunshine and gloom.

Titled with a nod to Blach’s childhood memories of drum lessons with his father, ‘Boots N Cats’ serves as a musical journey through contrasting emotions and experiences. From vibrant synesthetic movements to haunting melodies, the album is a testament to Beans’ ability to blend heavy guitar riffs with trickling melodies reminiscent of the psychedelic greats of the past.

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To celebrate the release, the band have offered up a unique insight into their creative process with a captivating track-by-track breakdown, shedding light on the inspiration behind each song.


Groove is about self consciousness and good times. Taking the time or moment you have and purely enjoy it for what it is. It’s also about insecurities of not being a dancer, or having confidence to let loose or feel comfortable to enjoy yourself upon a dancefloor – get ya groove on!

‘Toxic News’

This track is about pure sewerage that’s so often received from news/tv/politics and especially war.
Also advertisements or toxic topics that can be horrible guidelines/advice towards or for younger people’s young opinionated brains. Whilst consuming, learning, adapting to adolescence.
This song is about a lot of things that piss me off the most to be honest haha.


This track again formed entirely from the beat first approach. This one track in particular Jack Kong wrote the guitar and bass parts and I (Matt) played drums. It was crafted via just jamming with each other at our place in North Melbourne whilst we were living together at the time. We decided to keep it instrumental to let the instrumentation shine; also called it ‘Kookaburra’ as I thought the wah pedal sounds like a morning call from a kooka.


Haunted by the fear to fail. Explains itself very simply. This song is also about many things again. It’s about life’s ups and downs, whilst strung from a wide metaphor for anyone that they aren’t or can’t accomplish enough. Or are auditing things or actions to accommodate others rather than be themselves or be happy with who they are.

‘Strung Along’

Again a broad metaphor. Many story frames, like trying to please others and making amends. Maybe also on people that may get criticised for who they are or talking sarcastically to string them along. Whilst based on the discussion of being tricked or fooled into something. “There was no credit warning” is dug from the realm of companies/businesses and how there is always fine print for you to miss, and it’s going to fuck you over, possibly.

‘One to Four’

This track was purely based on the stops and accents in the beat. It’s called one to four as the main hook the drum hits start from 1 – 4 haha.. This track in particular is grasping a hope to tip a respectful hat to ‘The Meters’ who we admire dearly.


This is more direct to retaliation and preparation. I was staying with a friend at the time and an unwanted/unpleasant visitor came to the door in the middle of the night. That’s where ‘Unfamiliar silhouette’ originated from. It was a strange time and I can laugh about it now but also glad how it helped to place this into fruition in a way.


“Calling’ is about that period of Covid time (or anytime really) where everyone, including myself, felt like they were going insane. When people were being really sensitive and reactive, calling people out over pure boredom – obviously sometimes worthy, sometimes far-fetched. ‘Keyboard warriors’… It also reflects on topics of self-destruction and health/wellbeing. ‘Calling’ out or having serious or decent/meaningful conversions, with someone you connect with. Not surface/sheep/safe interactions.

‘Siamese Blundstone’

It started from a jam at a friend’s party. I was playing bass at the time and there was about 10 or so people in the room. There was obviously drums and guitar etc, but also many bongos and bottle tapping going on haha. Jack played drums on this track; it’s another hat tilt to some fun/wild times.

‘Dreaming Daisy’

‘Dreaming Daisy’ is a song for the devil on your shoulder, tackling addiction/alcoholism and “people wanting to live their life to prove right to others rather than themselves”. Or being themselves/knowing who they are. It’s a broad metaphor to anyone struggling or second guessing situations in their life. Personally I (Matt) have always felt like an introverted weirdo/ airhead. This is all based on all of the open and broad above topics.

It’s written to be received from various points of view or perceptions. Based on a fictional character ‘Daisy’ who is feeling like she is lost and worried and is digging herself a deeper hole or situation.

‘Casio Casino’

Casio casino is a funny one. It’s literally called this because I made it with a real shit but cool 80’s Casio, and it reminded me of the presence of a casino.  Like fake glamour with someone rolling a huge strut. Branching on how corrupt those joints are and the way they operate.

Bean’s third album Boots N Cats is out now on all platforms.