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Melbourne Music Bank

Amidst counting votes, attending back-to-back meetings and a generally busy schedule, Simone Moss, Bank of Melbourne Digital Marketing Manager, found the time to chat to me about the Melbourne Music Bank Competition which she is overseeing this year.
“The competition is my baby this year, so we kind of looked at how it was run in its first year, and you always learn a lot from the first in terms of what worked and what didn’t, and I was so lucky that this project landed on my lap. So I’ve worked all the way along, and it’s been really great and such a fun project,” she says.
This time around, instead of focusing on composers they’ve opened up the competition – and the response has been incredible, with already thousands of votes coming in for the final twelve.
“There’s been an amazing amount of interest in it, so we’re really thrilled about how our Victorian musicians and the general public have supported it,” Simone says. “At the moment we’re just kind of working through with the artists to help them promote to their own networks and channels to get as many votes in as possible.”
The final 12 consists of Alex Brittan, Under the Arch, Richard Cashion, Heloise, Davies West, Rick Steward, This Public Life, Selki, Boyeur, NY, The Lion and Matt Walters, with a thirteenth addition in wildcard Eilish Gilligan.
Eilish has been playing music her entire life, and ironically seeks inspiration from the competition’s ambassador Ella Hooper, as well as a handful of other artists. Simone is excited for the addition, and is now perfectly happy with the finalists.
“We’re so thrilled; it’s an amazing comment on the talent that exists in Victoria. We had hundreds of entries to listen to and it was a really difficult task to choose 12. I think the 12 that we have chosen, any one of them can win. There’s an amazing mix of music as well,” she says.
While Simone played a large role in selecting the final 13, the ultimate decision will be taken out of her hands. Once the final four are selected, based on votes from the public, they will perform at the Melbourne Recital Centre in front of a panel of judges. The decision will be given to the panel, made up of representatives from the Melbourne Recital Centre, Beat Magazine, PBS and Wilk, as well as Ella and head of brand marketing at Bank of Melbourne, Jack Phillips.
Melb Music Bank
“I’m really excited to see who gets down to the final four and of course the finale event, which is going to be held at the Melbourne Recital Centre in the salon, and that’s such a beautiful amazing space,” Simone says. “Just being able to perform there alone would be worth entering the competition.”
The ultimate winner will then take the first steps towards building a career in the industry. The winner will receive two days of recordings at Sing Sing Studios, a video clip by filmmaker Wilk, album artwork and 500 CDs, live gigs, PR and marketing advice, and their song used in a Bank of Melbourne advertising campaign, as well as a hot air balloon ride with Ella Hooper.
“We ran it by Ella and she’s more excited that anyone to go up in it, so she was thrilled to have that as one of the prizes,” Simone says.
Ella’s enthusiasm has been evident from day one, and the decision behind selecting her as their ambassador has more than paid off.
“We thought it would be amazing to have an ambassador that is Victorian and that emerging artists would look up to and think what a fantastic career she’s had already, but not someone that’s at the end of their career,” she says.
“Ella was just a standout choice really. She’s a fantastic force, an amazing musician herself and an amazing media performer as well; she’s very loveable. So we’ve been really fortunate to have her on board.”
This competition run by the Bank of Melbourne almost seems too good to be true – many of you may be thinking, well what’s in it for them?
“We, as a brand, have very much play in the arts and cultural tiers of the city. We’re very involved with the NGV, we’re a major sponsor of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and it’s nice to be involved in parts of our culture that people are passionate about,” Simone says. “So music is one of those things that we love. We’ve got such a vibrant music scene here in Victoria and we wanted to participate, to help an emerging artist get some recognition and throw a spotlight on some of the amazing talent we have here.”
And for Simone the reasoning doesn’t just stop there: like the finalists, she too has a great love for the most liveable city in the world.
“It’s just got so much to offer. In terms of culture I don’t think, and I know this is a very biased and very Melburnian thing to say, but I don’t think it gets better than this in Australia,” she says.
“We’ve got everything at our fingertips here and whatever you’re into, whether it’s food or music or arts and sport, there’s no mistake in the fact that we’ve been voted the most liveable city again, because it’s an amazing place to be.”
Voting has now been extended to October 19. For more information, and to vote, visit
By Amanda Sherring