Melbourne band PRETTY BLEAK stun with their debut EP ‘BLOOD’

Melbourne band PRETTY BLEAK stun with their debut EP ‘BLOOD’

Words by Savannah Selimi

BLOOD is ready to stream on Spotify and Apple Music now.

Inspired by the classic punk sounds of The Cure and Nirvana and the gothic aesthetics of Tim Burton, PRETTY BLEAK are making waves in the Australian indie music scene. The Melbourne-based band released their debut EP ‘BLOOD’ recently, an enthralling record delving into nihilism and self-discovery. An interesting blend of genre, this new EP is an anticipated debut by one of Melbourne’s most exciting indie acts.

Kicking off with the title track, ‘blood’ is a tune nostalgic of 2000s pop-punk, frontman Sam Thomas’ vocals imitating that of Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong. Mixing electronic beats with pounding drums, the band don’t confine themselves to the bounds of genre. This opening track is integral to the record as a whole, Thomas describing the song as a ‘precursor to all the themes explored throughout the rest of the EP’.

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‘allusion to the only recurring dream i ever had’ resembles the experimental pop flooding our charts, and sparks resemblance to recent tracks from The 1975 like ‘Give Yourself A Try’. A mix of eclectic sounds and robotic synth, this tune is a suitable soundtrack for your ‘main character’ moment, even if it’s just your walk to the train station. Thomas odes ‘coping mechanisms’ as a strong inspiration for the EP’s lyrics, which is clearly illustrated in this track (’Is it weird that we are not friends if there’s not drugs?’).

The band have a potent inability to hold back in this EP, especially within their sour lyrics (‘So just shut up and just breathe’ / ‘Feel it in my head, I’m not dead’). The track ‘why don’t you like me?’ builds ambience with electrifying guitar and punky, rhythmic drums. You’re constantly bopping your head to this tune, absorbing the upbeat sound and lyrics drenched in malaise. ‘Living With Mice’ endures this same effect, boasting an envious guitar that moves your body. There’s also hints of 80s pop in this track, inviting senses of nostalgia for a beloved music era.

The EP’s departing track, ‘Jawline’ is fun and vivacious, sounding like a blend of all the songs before it. The elements of hard guitar, retro synth and building drums show how the band manipulate genre into their own sound, which they define as ‘compositionally emo and pop tunes’.

The EP may take a few listens to grow on you, but this indie outfit are a testament to Melbourne’s ever-changing and excitingly different music scene.

‘BLOOD’ is ready to stream on Spotify and Apple Music now. Follow the band on Facebook and check it out below.