PREMIERE: Pretty Bleak make their presence know with debut single ‘Jawline’

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PREMIERE: Pretty Bleak make their presence know with debut single ‘Jawline’

Melbourne indie-electro group Pretty Bleak have made a bold entrance with their charged up and lively debut single ‘Jawline’.

A strong and vibrant cut of music that demonstrates the musicality of the group, ‘Jawline’ is driven by dark pop synths, soaring vocals, and stands as a callback to the 80s with a big 1980s drum sound. Add in the expert production layered throughout courtesy of engineer Jon Grace (Bakers Eddy, Dear Seattle), and as their debut, ‘Jawline’ is a defining effort and statement of intent.

Developing their new music between vocalist Sam Thomas’ home studio and Homesurgery Recordings in Melbourne, ‘Jawline’ is the result of flipping the script and approaching songwriting differently.

“The song is about finding a personal balance between vanity and pragmatism. Being able to utilise hedonism and direct it towards something beneficial, rather than frivolous or trivial,” says Thomas. “I wrote and recorded two and a half different demos of this song before I finally got it to a place where I was happy with the blend of interesting pop conventions, and more self-indulgent abstract sounds and compositions. The intention of it was to try and write something that could be seen as a more straightforward kind of mainstream single, without compromising the more unique aspects of the sound.”

Good vibes guaranteed with this one. Have a listen to the debut track below.

As a new era for the group approaches, ‘Jawline’ is just the kick-off point.

Check it all out in the flesh at the Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne on Friday, November 15. Tickets can be purchased here.