Meg Mac is bringing her national album tour to Geelong tonight

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Meg Mac is bringing her national album tour to Geelong tonight

Photo by Heather Gildroy

The deeply talented powerhouse songstress will perform at the Wool Exchange in Geelong tonight.

Aussie singer-songwriter Meg Mac is heading to Geelong tonight as part of her massive national tour to celebrate her highly anticipated third album, Matter of Time.

Following a triumphant return to the stage with her five-stop sold-out national tour back in May, Meg Mac will perform at the Wool Exchange in Geelong on Friday, April 28.

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“I wanted to just start again and do everything without compromise,” states Meg Mac of the game-changing personal switch-up that led to ‘Matter of Time’: the singer’s highly anticipated third album and a record that builds on Mac’s award-winning foundations and sends them to new places of clarity and ambition.

With a third album recorded and primed for imminent release at the beginning of 2020, Mac had what she now describes as “a bit of a meltdown”. She scrapped its lead single two weeks before release, and with it the rest of the body of work – a bold move towards a creative process without compromise.  Needing some space to regain perspective, Mac moved out to Burrawang, a remote village in the NSW countryside, and began work on ‘Matter of Time’.

As opposed to her pre-countryside scrapped album, the most important thing this time around would be “to mean every word I sing, to not have anything in the back of my head when I’m singing where I don’t totally love it.”

The album’s title track is the only song that survived the kill of the original album. Written by Mac and co-writer Sam De Jong (Jacob Banks, Muse, Maisie Peters), ‘Matter of Time’ shows strong evidence of the cracks of confidence that had almost derailed Mac. The track begins with a lament – “I’m not great and I hate that I can’t say it” – before swelling into a rich, soaring yearning for solace.

“This song is the only survivor from the album I threw away. It’s the most important song on the album and sits right between the old and the new. I find it spooky because everything I wrote came true, it was only a matter of time before I was going to snap. Somehow I knew I was about to reach breaking point and then I did.”

As original author of every song on her album, Mac selectively sought co-writing support to refine and heighten her storytelling in writing partners Noah Cyrus’ frequent collaborator PJ Harding, the previously mentioned Sam De Jong and with ‘Chandelier’ co-writer Jesse Shatkin. Behind the desk came production duo The Donuts (Kendrick Lamar, SZA, H.E.R); playing with male vocal choirs, charmingly minimal instruments, and above all focusing in on elements of Mac’s vocals that had previously taken a back seat. You can hear the synergy across the record, from the first single ‘Is It Worth Being Sad’, the woozy unlikely jam of ‘On Your Mind’, the breeziness of ‘Only Love’, and the intimacy of songs like ‘Something In The Water’ or ‘Lifesaver’.

Meg Mac has created a body of work rich in searing honesty whilst working overtime to find her voice and be satisfied that she has made a record that flourishes without compromise.

On Matter of Time, she’s finally there. “I needed a switch up to find the love for music again and it worked,” she says. “Now for the first time, I really feel in control.”

Tickets for the show are still available here