Meet local powerhouses and cheers to the end of the year at Geelong Young Professionals’ networking event

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Meet local powerhouses and cheers to the end of the year at Geelong Young Professionals’ networking event

Holiday Inn and Suites Geelong
Words by Staff Writer

Whether you’re a big business boss, full-time freelancer or a small-time side-hustler, this is an event for you.

Celebrating the end of another huge year and a new season to make and renew connections, Geelong Young Professionals’ (GYP) upcoming end of year networking event is set to be an inspiring night of networking with some of the most creative, innovative and thriving individuals.

Against the backdrop of the new Holiday Inn & Suites Geelong on Thursday November 30, the networking evening invites all young professionals, creatives and sole traders to a social setting to build connections across various industries in the Geelong region.

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Turning the first floor foyer and bar of Holiday Inn & Suites Geelong into a buzzing hub for career growth and networking, for just $40 (plus booking fee), attendees will enjoy a night of connection-building, fuelled by Maestro’s delightful canapés and an arrival drink.

While bidding farewell to some long-standing committee members is on the agenda, this evening promises to be more celebration than farewell, welcoming a fresh season of opportunities.

Known as champions of community power, the Geelong Young Professionals Network has earned a reputation for nurturing the city’s upcoming professionals. Their mission is clear – to build a robust succession culture for the future of Geelong. From those just stepping into their roles to the young at heart, the GYP offers a chance to network and strengthen relationships through a series of innovative events.

The GYP events, which have become a staple in the region, attract insightful speakers to Geelong, including the likes of Chris Mackey, Jem Fuller, Sean Purcell, and Keith Abraham. These events take an informal approach to professional development, fostering an awareness of advancing business in the region.

Whether you’re hustling in the city or working from the comfort of your home, this event is the perfect excuse to catch up with colleagues, friends, and make new connections in Geelong’s young professional network.

All this while supporting local businesses and celebrating the vibrant culture of Geelong. Don’t miss out – RSVP by Thursday, November 23rd, and be part of a night that promises to be more than just a networking event.

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