Meet Geelong’s new online record store, Bad Neighbour Records

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Meet Geelong’s new online record store, Bad Neighbour Records

Photo by @mjlocatellee

Celebrating the lesser-known vinyl

Honest and unpretentious, Bad Neighbour Records is the brainchild of Geelong-via-Tasmania hospitality veteran, disc jockey and just all-round legend Sam Zaid.

No stranger to the rigours of hospitality, having earned his stripes at a wealth of venues including Geelong Supper Club, Neighbour, Little Beast & Co, the last 12 months has seen Zaid focus on reinvention, deciding to pursue a passion project and open his own online record store.

Bad Neighbour Records has given Zaid his niche, celebrating the lesser-known vinyl. Whether it’s brand-new music, bands known only by a few, or even just music that’s been lost in time, BNR is making it a whole lot easier for music lovers to be brought together by a shared love for vinyl, while also supporting the assiduous middle man that’s often overlooked – the independent record label.

Purchasing from indie record labels only, BNR is supporting the people critical in getting music from the artist to the listener and keeping a largely-stagnant music industry turning.

“It’s a part of our ethos to support those that are passionate about music as much as we are,” the website reads.

“This is honestly the way we find out about all this amazing talent that needs to be better shared with the world.”

Imbuing warmth and energy to website visitors with its luminous and breezy design, a comprehensive collection of records, sourced both locally and internationally, sits in the online record library.

Under indie/alt/rock, you’ll find musical gems like Ty Segall, Ausmuteants, Limes, Hierophants, and Thigh Master, while punk titles include the likes of Low Life, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Cococoma, and Nots, among others. Also curating a collection of blues titles and Australian titles for those that want to support local, stock also ranges to more unique electronic, cold wave/no wave/noise and soundtrack titles.

Currently there’s only a small collection of titles on offer, but the number of new pressings is growing by the week, placing BNR as the new hub for locals to get their hands on the best unique, unknown titles, and get them delivered quickly. They’re even offering free shipping for Geelong areas and on orders of $120 or more – a treat to any vinyl gatherer.

And while the online store is a welcomed addition to Geelong and collectors of vinyl everywhere, Zaid intends to bring the well-loved experience of physically leafing through collection after collection to find your favourite gems to the streets with a permanent space that not only sell records, but where guests can celebrate a love for music over some beers.

Until then, Bad Neighbour Records will just continue satiating that itch record lovers always have when it comes to unique additions to their vault.

Check it out via the website and give them some love on socials here.