Victorian artists on some up and comers you should check out

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Victorian artists on some up and comers you should check out

To Octavia by Lord Media
Words by Benjamin Lamb

Here are some of the artists you should be looking out for.

Australia’s got some pretty awesome music. But sometimes it’s fun to delve into other areas and find some new acts that are on their way to international stardom. We’ve caught up with some of the best musicians Victoria has to offer, and they’ve given us some pretty cool artists we reckon you should check out.

Courtney Keil

Recommends you listen to Max Jackson

Courtney Keil is quickly becoming one of Aussie country music’s biggest stars, having taken out the prestigious Song Of The Year award at the Australian Songwriters Conference back in 2016, and has just kept going from strength to strength.

Her 2020 single ‘I Just Wanna Hold You’ reached the top spot on the Aussie iTunes Country Chart, which shows you what a powerhouse Keil is in the Aussie country scene. If you’re a fan of hers, she recommends checking out awesome aussie act Max Jackson.

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her over the past year, write with her and finally had the chance a couple of weeks ago not only see her live but perform alongside her at Gin a Jeffrey’s Beautiful Tangle tour in Bathurst. Max’s music is so heartfelt and warm with each song consistently expressing such vocal and lyrical depth. I encourage you to check out her debut record; Life Of The Party.”

To Octavia

Recommends you listen to Days Like These and Rumours

With a bunch of airplay across stations like Triple J and Triple M, To Octavia are truly a force to be reckoned with. Their unique of brand of metalcore has led them to play a bunch of shows across the country with bands like The Brave and Windwaker.

If you’re a fan of theirs, To Octavia’s killer drummer Lucas reckons you should check out Days Like These and Rumours.

“No one will grab your attention in a crowded room than Days Like These. They’re one of the most fun and exciting groups I know, and you can definitely feel it In both their music and live show. They will make you want dance, mosh, sing and feel cooler just by association. Their new EP Wide Awake is coming soon, so I suggest you listen to it if you want to be cool.”

“I started listening to Rumours after their EP Lost Together, so I felt very lucky to get to know them and share the stage with them on multiple occasions. It’s been an absolute privilege watching them find their feet in a new style of alternative rock with their new track; ‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’ that you won’t be able to find in anyone else. Once you start listening to Rumours, no other artist will be able to scratch the same itch.’

Nancie Schipper

Recommends you listen to yergurl

Nancie Schipper is truly one of Regional Victoria’s best artists. Sharing the stage with such acts as Gretta Ray and Jack River, her heartfelt folk stylings and phenomenal lyricism has garnered her a bunch of adoring fans far and wide. 2020 saw her pop up on a bunch of awesome streams like Warnambool’s Lounge Fest, and the super popular Delivered Live.

Back in 2018 she was apart of the prestigious Triple J Unearthed High finalists, with fellow artist she recommends, yergurl.

‘I met Fae (yergurl) in 2018 and have watched her musical journey in awe ever since. Listening to her songs feels like peeking into her diary. I’m so inspired by the way she weaves lyrics together seamlessly (my personal favourite is ‘the vomit on my shoes is chunky’). If you like screaming ‘drivers licence’ and Lily Allen in the car you will be just as OBSESSED with yergurl as I am!.’


Recommends you listen to Old Mervs 

Travalley are an awesome 2 piece indie rock band out of Melbourne consisting of brothers Sam and Levi Mellington. The boys are pride themselves on playing as many shows as they can and making sure the crowd gets involved.

The pair have been working on our first Album and are looking to release this sometime around New Years. Travalley also have a massive East Coast tour coming up which will feature a bunch of awesome shows over 2 months spanning the entire east coast of Australia. They recommend checking out an awesome up and coming group; Old Mervs.

“Old Mervs are a 2 piece indie rock band out of W.A. Travalley and Old Mervs are both heavily inspired by Spacey Jane and Hockey Dad which you can defiantly hear in the music. Old Mervs have shot onto the music scene during Covid with their high energy drums/guitar and soaring vocals. The reason why they inspire us so much is because all of their songs you can sing along to on a road trip and they are just a massive VIBE.”