Meet Daily Notion, the nostalgic emo punk band from central Victoria

Meet Daily Notion, the nostalgic emo punk band from central Victoria

We chat with the band ahead of the release of their EP 'You and I'.

For almost a decade now, the three members of Daily Notion have been slogging it out, tearing apart the Aussie music scene within their individual musical projects. After performing all over Victoria as the lead guitarist for Braddock, Mark Daily decided to embark on a new solo adventure, conceiving Daily Notion in the latter half of 2018.

“I planned to have my old music friends as session musos if I’d made it to live status,” Mark explained. “I had an idea of what sound I was chasing and by January 2019, I had enough tracks to create an EP.”

Consisting of six tracks reminiscent of the late 90s, early 2000s pop-punk era, Mark launched Daily Notion’s debut EP, The Mighty Fall last year. With nods to the likes of The Offspring, Green Day and Blink 182, the debut blended styles to create unique emotion-filled anthems, championed by surging guitar riffs, driving beats and catchy hooks.

Whilst the EP served as a bright introduction to the band, it was the creation the music video for the title track ‘The Mighty Fall’ that saw Daily Notion come to fruition as a trio, enlisting the musical talents of guitarist and vocalist Matt Worthington from punk band The Revengers, and drummer Mikey Thompson from rock and roll band John Grossman Project.

“Mikey is a workmate that has a similar taste in music as myself and lent his services on drums for ‘The Mighty Fall’ music video for the release of the Unplugged EP, and since then has lent his services to practice for when the live stage was to take place… and then COVID happened,” Mark reveals.

“Matty was someone who I’d had a close eye on early in 2018 with The Revengers on hiatus whilst in writing mode, but the timelines didn’t meet up until recently. I got him to join in on ‘The Mighty Fall’ music video and recruited him to practice with Mikey and me after the first bout of COVID. They are both still involved with their other projects.”

Now the boys from Central Victoria have finally cemented the sound as a trio as they gear up for the release of their upcoming EP You and I. Slated to hit the airwaves on October 1, we’re anticipating a solid collection of fist-in-the-air anthems with massive choruses and emotional resonance.

“’You and I’ brings a higher level of intensity sound-wise, bringing in influences such as MxPx, Rise Against, Luca Brasi to name a few,” Mark says. “As Mikey says, ‘it’s an evolution of The Mighty Fall, same but different’.

“All the lyrics so far have either been from a point in time either my life or by people around me,” Mark adds. “They’re pretty heartfelt lyrics, but different people have had different interpretations away from those lyrics that relate to their own lives.”

Featuring previously released singles ‘Broken’ and ‘These Words’, Daily Notion’s skills for creating undeniable anthems with honest lyrics, brave vocals and blistering guitars will be front and centre on the EP, as they deliver a nostalgic yet refreshing soundscape for the listener.

With limitless energy and a knack for transcending their sound to embrace inspirations of 2000’s emo and pop-punk styles, there’s no fairytale fiction behind Daily Notion – just a guy that wanted to get back into music.

‘You and I’ is set for release October 1, 2020. Keep up with the latest via Facebook.