Matt Bednarsky Locks in Bendigo Show

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Matt Bednarsky Locks in Bendigo Show

The question of ‘How would you describe your music?’ is one with which musicians have a love/hate relationship. Perhaps it sits a little more on the hate side, but people are curious and one doesn’t learn if they do not ask.

Matt Bednarsky was born to a mother with a classical pedigree and a professional jazz guitarist father, so that may go some way to describing Matt’s sound. Even easier, his website describes it as “somewhere in between James Taylor and John Mayer with Michael Bublé and Ryan Adams mixed in” (though he also says to ignore that and just have a listen).

The songman grew up in Shelton, a Fairfield County in Connecticut. He began playing the violin at the age of four and the guitar at eight. Later, he attended New York University where he studied Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, psychology and music.

Following an eight-month stay in Peru where he lived in an orphanage, he returned to NYC and found a new home in Greenwich Village, later Nashville. So far he has released a demo album and Christmas EP to go with two full-length releases.

A Bigger Picture was released in 2014, while Two was released last year. Music Man, Bendigo – November 30.