Maltese heritage meets mouthwatering deli delights at this hip new spot

Maltese heritage meets mouthwatering deli delights at this hip new spot

Words by Alice McDonald and photography by Nicky Cawood

I bet you’re hungry now.

Something fresh and new has hit Torquay, and no ones complaining. Jake Cassar has moved in and created quite a stir. With a 60s style mediterranean deli, your new neighbour has your lunch times sorted.

The Key Takeaways

    • Located at 4-6 Gilbert Street Torquay, the newest kid on the block is Mediterranean style deli: Mortadeli
    • Pick up your luxurious cured meats, sandwiches made fresh and other deli goodies all in one place.
    • Serving a mixture of Maltese and Italian cuisine.

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In the heart of Torquay is the new home to Mortadeli, a modern twist on a retro deli with a whole lot of soul. Right on Gilbert Street, Mortadeli has your cured meats and sandwich prayers answered. And why not try some Maltese and Italian specialties while you’re at it.

Introducing the most raved about item on the menu, the Maltese delight:‘Hobs Biz Zeit’. This is a tuna sanga on completely new level with a tomato base, olives, capers and salted ricotta, a must-have that apparently “every Maltese person takes to the beach”.

Originally going to be called “Maltadela” in homage to Cassar’s Maltese heritage (Cassar thought that “people wouldn’t get it.” However, we thought it was a good pun) Has all that you need in a deli.

Made to “come in and grab the things [you’d] want for a picnic down at the beach,” Mortadeli stocks only the finest cured meats, that you can get sliced and vacuum packed ready to go, as well as European small goods from Uncle’s plus salami, jamon and more. We recommend while your at it, washing down these deli delights with a Torquay favourite hard seltzer.

Here me out: it gets cheesier.

Burrata, mozzarella, provolone, parmigiana reggiano – need I say more?

Mortadeli has cheesy delights that borderline on food porn. Try out some Maltese cheesy pastries or dive straight into sandwiches such as the Meatball Sub – pork and veal polpette, smoked sugo, with the parmigiana reggiano on a crunchy ciabatta or go for a deli classic with the Continental Deli – mortadella, supressa, smoked ham, nduja and to top it off some provolone and guindilla mustard. This is all too good to be true, but I promise you, it’s real.


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If you’re more of a visual person, Mortadeli’s Instagram does not disappoint. As a family-focused business, their Instagram invites you into their restaurant but also their home and heritage. And, if you decide to order the Pastrami, you’ll get a taste of Cassar’s Polish mother-in-law’s special homemade sauerkraut.

I bet you didn’t expect this. Along with the retro Italian style decor, there also is merch!! Tote bags as well as the most amazing Mortadeli tee featuring a cartoon bike made out of mortadella and a baguette surfboard.  I mean c’mon! A must-have when strutting down Gilbert Street, stylishly walking past the window at Mortadeli.

Mortadeli’s sandwiches are truly a must-try once and then try a million times more after that. They’re that amazing.

Check out your new favourite local here. Mortadeli: Shop 8 4-6 Gilbert Street Torquay