Geelong’s 6Ft6 has teamed up with Patient Wolf to craft a stunning pinot noir gin

Geelong’s 6Ft6 has teamed up with Patient Wolf to craft a stunning pinot noir gin

The Patient Wolf Pinot Noir Gin could easily take the place of a bottle of pinot at your dinner table or as your go-to afternoon treat

They say that patience is a virtue – but when two of Victoria’s top independent producers bring their finest wine and gin together it’s time to bloody move it.

Geelong’s renowned 6Ft6 wines has teamed up with Melbourne’s Patient Wolf Distilling Co. for a limited release batch of the bright and alluring Patient Wolf Pinot Noir Gin.

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Whether you are a gin connoisseur who can identify a botanical a mile away, or you’re more into your red wines, this new collaboration is sure to hit the spot with rich notes of cherry, raspberry and a hint of blueberry.

In what promises to be our go-to summer sip, the gin exhibits a layered palate of red fruit, spice, citrus and juniper, perfectly complemented by light tannins and a touch of natural sweetness from the grapes.

“At 6Ft6 we are renowned for our pinot noir, and Patient Wolf’s Melbourne Dry Gin is equally recognised for its distinctive flavour profile,” 6Ft6 co-owner Belinda Austin says.

“Australians can’t get enough of flavoured gin and equally love their pinot noir – so we thought why not bring together two favourites for a product that has a true distinction?

“Working on this project with the Patient Wolf team has not only been enjoyable but also a great way to forge new friendships while creating a product we are all extremely proud of.

“To say we are excited to be able to release this is an understatement.”

If you’re wondering why exactly you should try this gin, let us give you three reasons.

Firstly, the Moorabool Valley, where 6Ft6 is located is renowned for being a great region for pinot noir. Winemakers have embraced the challenge of producing superior cool climate wines from the tough limestone and basalt base which forms this region’s unique terroir and the result is rich and intense low yield fruit, perfect for crafting into award winning wines.

Secondly, Patient Wolf Distilling Co. has long been a staple of the excellent Brunswick food and drink scene and has earned themselves a strong reputation as being an independent producer of one of Australia’s favourite gins. The Patient Wolf Pinot Noir Gin is made from Patient Wolf’s flagship Melbourne Dry Gin, which is bold, complex, aromatic, and goes beautifully paired with some fresh ruby grapefruit.

Lastly, it’s incredibly delicious. Born from a mutual desire to showcase the best of each other’s brands, the ruby-hued pinot noir gin is essentially luxury in a bottle.

Patient Wolf head distiller Dave Irwin said 6Ft6’s pinot noir was the perfect match for Patient Wolf’s big and bold, and incredibly smooth Melbourne Dry Gin.

“It was fantastic working collaboratively with Belinda and Scott from 6Ft6 to bring two of Australia’s favourite brands together for a unique take on flavoured gin, and in showcasing the best of both the wine and gin categories,” Dave said.

Gin and wine, it just makes sense.

Patient Wolf Pinot Noir Gin is $72.00 and available from or for a strictly limited time.