Make Your Own Ramen at this Japanese Izakaya and Bar on Geelong’s waterfront

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Make Your Own Ramen at this Japanese Izakaya and Bar on Geelong’s waterfront

Choose your own adventure at Tomodachi Izakaya.

Tender meat and soft noodles bathing in the juices of a belly-warming broth. Is there anything more satisfying than a clean slurp of ramen? No, we don’t think there is…

How about an authentic venue whereby you could choose your own ramen adventure, from the broth and noodles to the toppings and extras?

Already earning a solid reputation for its soul-warming ramen served with flair and integrity, Tomodachi Izakaya is now offering a ‘Make Your Own Ramen’ experience at their waterfront venue for winter.

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At Tomodachi 2.0, as it has been nicknamed, diners can now enjoy their own creations of tenderly-cooked ramen on Geelong’s stunning waterfront. Starting from just $8, there’s no need to pick a standard ramen from the menu. Instead, you simply choose your broth and noodle, choose your toppings and then add extras if you so desire.

You can choose from egg noodles or Udon noodles, while broths range from Tonkotsu (pork broth), Spicy Tonkotsu and Yuzu (green citrus pepper), to Miso (soy bean broth) and Seafood broth.

Toppings span everything from tofu, prawns and scallops, to Karaage chicken, pork ribs, and calamari, among other options, while extras include bamboo, spring onion, half egg and fungus.

If you prefer to order the old-fashioned way, Tomodachi has you covered with their traditional ramen dishes, succulent meats like pork belly, beef, chicken; to fresh seafood and sashimi; plus, plenty of vegetarian options too, as well as classic Japanese options available, like mouth-watering takoyaki, tempura, karaage, unagi, and okonomiyaki, as well as octopus pancake balls and salt and pepper squid.

Tomodachi 2.0 is located at Shop 3, 6-8 Eastern Beach Road in Geelong. It’s original venue remains at 85A Little Malop Street. Keep up with the latest here