Luca Brasi: If This Is All We’re Going To Be

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Luca Brasi: If This Is All We’re Going To Be

If This Is All We’re Going To Be is a name that suggests settling, that things don’t get much better than this, and while the latter is true for this record, it’s in the best possible way. Luca Brasi has created an album that invites sing-a-longs and emotional epiphanies. It’s the kind of angst-teen listen of our generation that 17 year olds will play to the highest setting to their parents’ distaste.

While ‘Aeroplane’ and ‘Say It Back’ seem to blend into each other instrumentally, ‘Treading Water’ introduces a much heavier riff and darker sound in general. It’s angry, gritty and shoots lyrics that’ll get etched into notebooks, like “put the rest of the world on hold”. Highlights also come with ‘Man, This Is Living’, ‘Aeroplane’ and ‘Count Me Out’. The last of which is a slow burner that starts with what sounds like the hum of radio static before the vocals kick in at the one-minute mark. It’s slower, and closes the album with a contemplative, “if this is all we’re going to be, I have developed a taste for defeat”.